Spring Core Interview Questions and Answers

What is Spring Framework?
What are some of the important features and advantages of Spring Framework?
What do you understand by Dependency Injection?
How do we implement DI in Spring Framework?
What are the benefits of using Spring Tool Suite?
Name some of the important Spring Modules?
What do you understand by Aspect Oriented Programming?
What is Aspect, Advice, Pointcut, JointPoint and Advice Arguments in AOP?
What is the difference between Spring AOP and AspectJ AOP?
What is Spring IoC Container?
What is a Spring Bean?
What is the importance of Spring bean configuration file?
What are different ways to configure a class as Spring Bean?
What are different scopes of Spring Bean?
What is Spring Bean life cycle?
How to get ServletContext and ServletConfig object in a Spring Bean?
What is Bean wiring and @Autowired annotation?
What are different types of Spring Bean autowiring?


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